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30 Celebrities Who Refuse to Lose Weight for Their Careers

When you remain in the spotlight, there’s the added pressure to satisfy Hollywood’s near-impossible charm requirements. The majority of the moment, that involves extreme diet programs and ruthless workouts to slim down. There are, nonetheless, numerous noticeable figures that refuse to transform their bodies for an acting function, modeling agreement, or some other task opportunity. See what these stars need to claim about just how and why they claim no to losing weight for their careers. View Gallery 30 Photos Getty Images Gigi Hadid “No, I don’t have the same physique as the other designs in shows,” she cooperated an Instagram article in September 2015. “Yes, I have boobs, I have abdominals, I have a butt, I have upper legs, yet I’m not requesting for unique therapy. Your mean remarks don’t make me intend to alter my body. If I really did not have the body I do, I would not have the occupation I do.” 1 of 30 Getty Images Pink “I am perfectly great, perfectly delighted, as well as my healthy and balanced, sexy and insane strong body is having some much was worthy of pause,” the singer tweeted in April 2015. “Thanks for your issue. Love, cheesecake.” 2 of 30 Getty Images Kirsten Dunst “It’s a lot harder when you’re 35 and also despise working out,” she informed Variety in May 2017. “I’m eating fried hen and also McDonald’s before work. So I resemble, ‘We have no options! I’m sorry I can’t drop weight for this role.'” 3 of 30 Getty Images Jennifer Lopez “They ‘d claim, ‘You must shed a few extra pounds,’ or ‘You ought to do this or do that,'” she informed InStyle in May. “It ultimately got to the point that I resembled, ‘This is who I am. I’m shaped such as this.’ Everyone I grew up with appeared like that, and also they were all stunning to me. I didn’t see anything incorrect with it. I still don’t!” 4 of 30 Getty Images Ashley Benson “I really feel excellent,” she informed Health in March 2016. “I do not intend to shed 20 lbs., because I do not require to. I’m a dimension 2, but I assume that size 4 is healthy. I assume that all of these sizes are healthy.” 5 of 30 Getty Images Ashley Graham “Simply for the record– I exercise to: remain healthy, really feel excellent, do away with jet lag, clear my head, show huge girls we can relocate like the remainder of em, stay adaptable & & strong, have a lot more energy,” she cooperated an Instagram tale uploaded in October 2017. “I do not workout to [lose] weight or my contours, [due to the fact that] I love the skin I’m in.” 6 of 30 Getty Images January Jones “I have actually never ever dieted,” she informed Appeal in May 2011. “I simply listen to whatever my body yearns for. I don’t reject myself anything. I do not crave desserts or harmful points extremely typically. Yet when I do, like if I’m in a bad mood and I’m in website traffic, I’ll stop at McDonald’s and obtain a strawberry shake and also french fries as well as not really feel guilty whatsoever, due to the fact that I deserve it.” 7 of 30 Getty Images Jameela Jamil “We aren’t meant to all look the exact same,” The Excellent Area celebrity wrote in an article for HuffPost UK in February, requiring females to quit valuing themselves by the number on the scale. “As well as absolutely nothing good ever before comes of self hatred. It will never additionally you. It will certainly constantly hold you back.” 8 of 30 Getty Images Adele “I would just reduce weight if it impacted my health and wellness or sex life, which it doesn’t,” the she informed The Guardian in 2007 after facing criticism on YouTube. 9 of 30 Getty Images Kristen Bell “I was like, ‘I have an infant. Do you understand how amazing that is? It’s so extreme! Why in the world am I going to be so worried with my pants size?'” the starlet informed E! News, shortly after bring to life child Lincoln in 2013. 10 of 30 Getty Images Kate Winslet “There’s a large component of me– now, even more than ever previously, really– that really feels a sense of duty for exactly how various other women watch themselves,” she told Harper’s Exchange UK in February 2015. “Take having the baby, for example. Have I actively been on a diet plan to shed my baby weight? No, I have not. I really bloody have not.” 11 of 30 Getty Images Kelly Clarkson “Nobody actually appreciates your wellness. They simply care about appearances,” she informed Redbook in November 2017. “It’s when I’m fat that I’m happy. Individuals assume, Oh, there’s something wrong with her. She’s putting on weight. I resemble, ‘Oh, no! I’m sorry, but that represents happiness in my emotional world.'” 12 of 30 Getty Images Gina Rodriguez “I’m ALRIGHT in both of those,” she informed Self of her changing weight in February. “I’m not much less than because I’m 10, 15, 20 pounds more.” 13 of 30 Getty Images Hilary Duff “I ‘d rather have somebody pull my finger nails off than hunker down as well as go on a real diet regimen,” she told Forming in 2015. “It’s so difficult for me! My sis Haylie and also I as soon as thought about doing a baby-food diet regimen, yet it just appeared also disgusting.” 14 of 30 Getty Images Tyra Banks “She placed a pen in my hand and also she claimed, ‘You document every client that suches as butt. Your butt. Due to the fact that it’s growing as well as there’s nothing wrong with that, and also I would certainly be damned if my baby starves for this sector,'” she informed Company Expert of exactly how her mother responded when she was told to slim down. “Bye-bye haute couture, hello there ‘lady following door.'” 15 of 30 Getty Images Liv Tyler “I have actually been informed that if I reduce weight, I ‘d have extra work, however I reject to send myself to Hollywood standards,” she said in 2003, according to the Chicago Tribune. “To the rest of the globe I am slim, and I such as the way I am.” 16 of 30 Getty Images Jennifer Lawrence “I can not work with a diet,” she informed Vanity Fair in February, admitting she dieted for the first time for her film Red Sparrow. “I’m starving. I’m basing on my feet. I need more energy.” 17 of 30 Getty Images Patricia Arquette “I bear in mind a director telling my agent that it would certainly be wonderful if I could shed 10 pounds as long as my boobs didn’t get smaller sized,” she told Ton of money in September 2015. “I really did not intend to shed 10 pounds as well as I really did not. There were times I refused flicks when I needed job monetarily, when I had a newborn, because the duties were unacceptable, or the supervisor was inappropriate or underhanded. That is an additional factor I feel the method I do concerning gender pay equal rights.” 18 of 30 Getty Images Amy Schumer “The only change was that it was explained to me before I did that film [Trainwreck] that if you evaluate over 140 extra pounds as a lady in Hollywood, if you get on the display it will harm individuals’s eyes,” she stated on the U.K.’s The Jonathan Ross Program in October 2016. “I really did not recognize that so I shed some weight to do that but never once again.” 19 of 30 Getty Images Rihanna “Well, I really have had the satisfaction of a changing body type, where eventually I can actually match something that is bodycon, and after that the next day– the following week– I need something extra-large; I require a little crop below and a high-waist there to hide that component, you recognize?” she told The Cut in October 2017. “I actually focus on a daily basis when I go into the wardrobe regarding what’s helping my body that early morning.” 20 of 30 Getty Images Demi Lovato “No longer depriving myself of treats (in moderation) and also I’m not gon na exist, I placed on a pair [extra pounds] since I have actually quit weight loss BUT I have actually quit the persistent stress and anxiety of what I consume because I do not want to set that instance for my followers,” she tweeted in January. “Say goodbye to food reproaching myself !!” 21 of 30 Getty Images Jennifer Aniston “I feel bitter being made to feel ‘less than’ because my body is altering and/or I had a burger for lunch as well as was photographed from an unusual angle and consequently deemed a couple of points: ‘pregnant’ or ‘fat,'” she wrote in a now-viral essay for HuffPost. 22 of 30 Getty Images Tess Holliday “I do not do diet plans,” she informed People in December 2015. “Diets do not work.” 23 of 30 Getty Images Mandy Moore “I do not rob myself; I eat well to feel excellent, not to look great,” she informed Shape in December 2017. 24 of 30 Getty Images Misty Copeland “Being told to reduce weight, and also being African American, not having any individual else around who looked like me, triggered me a lot doubt,” she told Self in November 2016. “I wish to reveal the ballet globe it’s possible to do all these things and also not be rail-thin or have blonde hair.” 25 of 30 Getty Images Kate Upton “After my very first cover, [critics] were discussing whether I was fat or not. I had this big moment in my profession and they were tearing it apart,” she said in February 2017. “I have to give thanks to individuals that did that due to the fact that it actually made me sit back and discover who I was as well as what meant something to me and just how I thought about my body … I realize that my self-confidence that I had in my body was actually indicated to motivate women to love themselves for all their various imperfections.” 26 of 30 Getty Images Meghan Trainor “No label or manager has actually ever informed me to lose weight. In some cases my stylist asks me to try something on and I’ll claim: ‘Is that for a toddler?!'” she informed The Sunlight in March 2016. “I do exercise because I require to maintain my lungs functioning. I rotate. I jump on thatbike. However I enjoy with my dimension.” 27 of 30 Getty Images Ashley Greene “Now, I care extra regarding what people are claiming regarding my acting capacity than what I look like,” she informed Wellness in June 2015. “When I began as well as got Golden, I assume I was 20, and also I was more flexible. Now I’m 28, and also if people are dissatisfied with the method I look, after that they can be dissatisfied. However I really feel strong as well as healthy and balanced as well as satisfied.” 28 of 30 Getty Images Zooey Deschanel I’ve constantly gone my own course and never ever been somebody that had the demand to be incredibly skinny,” she told Cosmo in June 2015. “I such as a healthy and balanced appearance. I don’t buy into that skinny-is-better mentality. I just consume healthy as well as work out and also don’t stress over my weight excessive. 29 of 30 Getty Images Sanaa Lathan “I have actually never been a skinny woman, and I don’t truly aspire to be that,” she informed Wellness in May. “And as a starlet, you’re a storyteller– you’re mirroring humanity and females are every dimension– you understand what I mean?” 30 of 30 Following Final Dad’s Day Presents He Privately Desires

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