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How to Clean Your Microwave With Nothing More Than a Single Lemon

For some, cleaning the microwave is a daunting task, usually entailing severe chemicals, a few destroyed sponges and also a job not well-done. And also since the stains as well as leftover littles food are nicely hidden behind the microwave’s closed door, it’s so easy to procrastinate on cleaning it, leaving a lot more time for the gunk to harden and also more justifications for you to place it off. Below’s how you can break that vicious cycle: skip the cleaning spray, as well as grab a few fresh lemons following time you go to the store. This method isn’t brand-new, but it’s certainly useful and so unbelievably simple, according to The Kitchn. Here’s what you’ll need: Tiny microwave-safe bowl or determining cup 1 lemon Cleaning up cloth Begin by pouring half a cup of water into a dish or gauging mug. After that slice your lemon in half, capture its juice into the dish and also drop both halves in too. AndreyPopovGetty Images Once that’s done, move the bowl into the microwave and set the moment for 3 minutes or up until the water boils. Leave the bowl in the microwave for an additional 5 minutes after it’s done boiling, permitting the level of acidity from the lemon and also vapor from the water to loosen and also dissolve those hard-to-scrub food discolorations. When 5 mins is up, eliminate the dish from the microwave as well as established it someplace close by. At this moment, the lemon has actually done the majority of the work; you just need to clean it clean. Grab your towel as well as begin to clean down the microwave– beginning with the turntable, which you ought to be able to eliminate as well as wipe down independently. After that function your means inward, from the ceiling and also sides to the bottom, do with the door. If you see a few pesky spots remaining, dip your cloth right into the lemon-water, then scrub until eliminated. There you have it: a pristine microwave that now has a wonderful citrus odor.

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